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My intention was to go back to Lebanon where I was happily residing as my kids were being educated there…however the Magic had different plans for me. I heard within me a voice say in a firm but kind tone:. How does one do that? How can I start a campaign?

And this is how after a lot of consulting and keeping-on, three months later I had the website www. By example. Not by teaching nor preaching.

This is the spirit of the Union which continues to shine almost half a century after Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid, God bless their souls, united the seven emirates. I feel so blessed to be now a resident of Dubai, while bringing wherever I go the amazing lessons that we learn in a country like the UAE. The Keep on Keeping On Campaign truly needs not to be started.

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Just continued. Following what our ancestors started generations and generations ago, and that our descendants will continue for generations to come. A country in which everything works in total harmony and peace. Safety is in the air and respect for each other rules, regardless of the numerous religions, creeds, nationalities and occupations that make for the diversity that Dubai is.

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December 2 marks the 45th year of uniting the Emirates. And every year with more passion and success as this year a Happiness Ministry and a Tolerance ministry have been appointed. Thank you Life for giving the world a mentor-country like the UAE in which its rulers have kept on keeping on in that Spirit of the Union.

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Together we are better. Are you ready to keep on keeping on in this direction? Wa alhamdullilah. This causes divinity and humanity to be blended as one, yet without producing a third nature.

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This is the crucial significance of joining and mingling. This thought is very deep. This is something that the Lord has shown us in His recovery.

Lot 258: Currier & Ives Hand colored Lithograph, "The Spirit of The Union."

They do not know this mystery of the two natures of God and man blended to become one yet without producing a third nature. The union and blending of the Spirit of God and the spirit of man has altogether six big steps. The first step is the regenerating of the believers. The Spirit of God regenerates the believers in their receiving spirit with the life of God that they may become children of God John ; After I was saved, I paid much attention to this term regeneration.

I checked with the pastors. In general, they told me that regeneration, as the Chinese say, means that everything of the past died yesterday, and everything from this day forward is born today. I could not accept their explanation.

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The Chinese people had spoken about this for thousands of years; why was there the need for foreign missionaries to come to China to teach this to us? Later I attended the Brethren meetings. They published a book called The Meaning of Regeneration. After I read that book, I was very disappointed because it did not explain at all what regeneration is. One day I read a book by T. Austin-Sparks, who said that regeneration is for man to have another life, the life of God, in addition to the human life he already has.

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I responded to that explanation. Once a person is regenerated, he has two lives; in addition to the human life, he has obtained another life. Through regeneration the believers have the eternal life of God in addition to their natural life, that they may live by this life while denying their natural life John ; Matt. It does not matter whether a person is gentle or rough, or whether his natural disposition is quick or slow; his salvation does not depend on improvement or refinement.

Some consider that because the Lord Jesus once said, "Unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens" Matt. The rough ones should not be rough anymore.

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The gentle ones should be more gentle.