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Carry A. Nation on a speaking tour. The Missouri State Historical Society. People wrote to her and she replied with advice on how to win against the saloon owners. She began a new publishing venture, a magazine entitled The Hatchet.

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She included letters from women in the field, supporters of her cause, and she even offered parenting advice. During this time, Nation had already been speaking against tobacco and alcohol. She especially disliked alcohol, most likely because of her experience with her first husband. She referred to alcohol as evil spirits.

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On one occasion, at a store owned by a man known as O. Day, she rolled a keg of whiskey onto the street, opened it with a hatchet, and set it on fire. She would go into any place that sold any kind of alcohol, even for medical purposes, and get rid of it.

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She broke windows and mirrors as well as destroyed kegs of beer or whiskey with her hatchets. At times, she attacked the people who sold the alcohol.

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Nation was arrested many times in several states, including Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. She was released when she made a deal with the mayor to speak at the opening of a new subdivision, for which he paid her fifty dollars. She made an additional sixty dollars selling souvenir hatchets.

In Little Rock in , she took a tour of twenty-six saloons and bars. She made speeches, and many people admired her. Some followed her on her travels and helped her smash saloons and bars, but she also made a lot of enemies, some of whom threw eggs at her. Nation tried to move her to Austin, Texas, and then to Oklahoma, but she finally brought her to Hot Springs, where Charlien stayed for only a few years. Nation , at the age of sixty, she was living in Oklahoma, and she wrote that she planned to stay there. However, not long after that, she bought her home in Eureka Springs. She wanted a quiet place to live, and she said that Arkansas reminded her of Scotland, where she had recently traveled.

In the time she lived there, the house was both a boarding house and a school. She did most of the cooking herself and provided religious instruction for her boarders. Although she continued to travel, she owned the house until her death.

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Her final speech was in Eureka Springs on January 13, She had recently had health problems, but the speech had been going well. She was taken to Evergreen Place Hospital in Kansas, where she remained in poor condition until her death on June 9, Doctors said the cause of death was paresis. She is buried in Belton, Missouri. A fountain was built in her honor in Wichita, Kansas, not far from the place of one of her first acts against alcohol.

The fountain was destroyed only a few years later when the driver of a beer truck lost control and ran into it. If Nation had lived just a few years longer, she could have seen Prohibition become the law of the land. She was not the only temperance advocate, but she was probably one of the most influential. In an attempt to stabilize the turbulent political situation in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union sends 75, troops to enforce the installation of Babrak Karmal as the new leader of the nation. The new government and the imposing Soviet presence, however, had little success in On this day in , the federal Office of Price Administration initiates its first rationing program in support of the American effort in World War II: It mandates that from that day on, no driver will be permitted to own more than five automobile tires.

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